Sand & Salt Supplier for New England

With the uncertain New England winter weather, you never know what to expect when it comes to snow, ice and any other extreme weather we may get. The Dirt Doctors offers sand and salt for the New England winter season with 24/7 on call services. We also offer calcium by the bag for your brick patios and walkways.


-Melts down to -15 Degrees Fahrenheit
-Child and pet-friendly
-Safer for concrete, asphalt, sidewalks, and pavers
-Biodegradable green color indicator


-Melts down to -12 Degrees Fahrenheit
-Non-Caking agent to reduce clumping
-Green color indicator


-Melts down to -15 Degrees Fahrenheit
-Less corrosive than basic rock salt
-Non-caking agent to reduce clumping
-Orange color indicator
-Non-Magnesium product

24/7 On-Call Commercial Property Snow Emergency Team

Call us for your last minute commercial snow emergencies, whether it’s plowing, sand/salt spreading or delivery of sand /salt!

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Being properly prepared for winter means loading up on deicing bulk salt to combat snow, slush, and ice which can become slippery and present a real danger when walking or driving. To keep your family and guests safe and prevent injuries and liabilities, you need to get the right deicing salts for your driveway, walkways, sidewalks, and pavements.

This could be bagged ice melts or rock salt from The Dirt Doctors, in New Hampshire. We offer the best quality salt for sale at competitive prices. With our 24/7 on-call services, you can always get the products and services you need, especially during winter emergencies.

Popular de-icing salt for sale

Deicing bulk salts are made from sodium chloride, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, or potassium chloride. Salt mix or a mixture of two or more of these salts are also used. Due to environmental concerns, many people have been leaning towards eco-friendly, pet-friendly bagged ice melts and less corrosive rock salt.

Rock salt

This salt type, also known as road salt and driveway salt, is made from sodium chloride and is good for deicing asphalt or concrete roadways. It penetrates and melts the ice and prevents it from refreezing. It is widely used across the US since it contains dirt, gravel, and other fine particles that help provide traction and reduce slipping. But all rock salts are not created equal. Our Cutting EdgeⓇ Rock Salt melts down to -15 degrees F, is less corrosive, non-caking, and prevents clumping.

Bagged ice melts

Bagged ice melts are essentially a salt mix product. Unlike rock salt, it consists of a blend of the various types of salts. It melts the ice and effectively breaks the bond between the ice and the concrete surface. Bagged ice melts are becoming increasingly popular due to its efficiency and ability to perform in lower, more frigid temperatures than other bulk salts. With the fine quality of Cutting EdgeⓇ Pro Power Melt, you can melt away ice up to -12 degrees F. It does not cake and is pet-friendly.

Knowing the benefits of these technologically advanced types of deicers makes it easier for you to buy the best quality products that are safe and affordable.

The Dirt Doctor has been serving customers in the New England areas for over 30 years. Our brands are pet-friendly and support the ecosystem compared to other traditional brands. We also stock the biodegradable Meltco Eco Friendly Premium De-Icer. These great quality products are excellent for use on concrete, asphalt, pavers, and sidewalks and can be purchased at competitive prices. Give us a call for a quick quote. Also ask about our 24/7 commercial snow plow services.