Firewood for Sale & Delivery

The Dirt Doctors always has a handy stock of cord wood for sale, which many homeowners use as a source of heat in the winter months. We pride ourselves on selling cord wood and firewood by the full cord and nothing less. This is 128 cubic feet of cord wood – more than many of our competitors. Delivery or pickup is available. Our Naked Cord Wood for Sale & Cut to 16″. Our 40+ acre facility can satisfy all your cord wood and firewood needs. Contact us today for delivery pricing!

NH & MA Firewood Delivery

If you are worried about how you are going to get all of this wood to your home fireplace, don’t be. The Dirt Doctors provides to-your-door delivery services throughout New England, making sure our product reaches the hands of those who need it most. To get started on your order give us a call.

Proper Firewood Handling

Cordwood Advantages Over Firewood

Naked cord wood provides a heating experience with a range of benefits – no bugs that hide in the bark, less ash in the stove, less creosote build up in the chimney, lowered risk of chimney fires, less moisture, quicker drying time, and an easier starting fire. When winter is at your door, be sure that you’re heating your home with quality cord wood we can provide you with.

How To Watch Out For Poor Quality Wood

What most buyers don’t know is that not all firewood is created equal. In reality, there are a heap of different factors that go into choosing the perfect piece of wood, from tree species, to age, to cut. At The Dirt Doctors, you can be sure that we will always supply you with the cream of the crop, but in case you are interested in learning more for yourself, here are a few pointers:

What Is A Cord of Wood?

First-time wood buyers looking at fire logs might be a bit intimidated by some of the terminology thrown around by those in the business. While it might take some time to get used to all of the lingo, starting with the basics is a good idea. 

A ‘cord’ of wood refers to the volume that the wood is normally sold by—that is, eight feet long, four feet wide, and four feet deep. A ‘face cord’ is just half a cord, which usually measures the same length and width, but is only two feet deep.