Lawn Seeding & Overseed Tips

by Jon P / Saturday, 24 June 2017 / Published in Lawn

grass-seed-for-sale-nh1. Prepare ground by loosening soil to provide good seedbed.
2. Seed must be incorporated into the soil to a depth of 1/8 to ¼”. This can be done by gentle raking with the back side of a leaf rake to roll the seeds into the soil. A slit-seeder can also be rented and used, this will cut into the soil and drop the seeds right in for you.
3. Seeds planted too deep may not grow.
4. Lightly roll or press soil surface after seeding. This helps to ensure good soil contact with the seed. You can rent a roller to make this easier.
5. Once you have seeded the area it must remain moistened to initiate germination and to maintain adequate water for the new roots. Remember WATER, WATER, WATER! If seeds are not kept moist they will not germinate.
6. You can use some Penn mulch to help hold in moisture as well. Straw is also commonly used. Do not use hay as it may contain weed sees.
7. Mow seedlings frequently when they reach 3 to 3 ½” high, using sharp blades – avoid sharp turns. Mowing frequently as the grass establishes will promote denser turf.
8. Next to fall, spring is considered by many to be the next best time to seed. In the spring, if the soil is too cold – below 50 degrees – germination is slowed or may not take place though.

Overseed an existing lawn

Overseeding is a process of helping establish a new grass into an existing grass area to help produce a lush and full lawn.

Overseeding can be done fairly easily with a metal rake for a small area or a verticutter for larger areas. Before seeding, try mowing the lawn at about 1/2 the normal mowing height. For small areas rake the lawn thoroughly to remove loose grass and rough up the soil. Aerated soil is better for germination. Use about 1 1/2 times the amount of seed recommended on the seed package by hand or with a spreader. Then you lightly rake the seeded area, and keep the area moist with regular watering. For larger areas you can use a verticutter/slit seeder to make the job easier. You can find these at a lot of tool rental stores. This will slice through the grass and soil and deposit seed into the slices in the soil. Keep the areas moist with regular watering.


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