Specialty Soils We Offer for Delivery In NH

The Dirt Doctors supply a number of specialty soil blends throughout the New England region. The components used to construct these blends are tested using approved testing labs and are utilized in our blends to provide the best product for your needs. Batch testing is also conducted to ensure product consistency. As the leader in wholesale landscape supply industry, we look forward to supplying you any of your specialty soil needs.

Compliment your new soil with bark mulchbulk stone, or even gravel.

Wide Variety of Specialty Soils For Delivery

Bio Retention Mix

Also known as Rain Garden Mix, this soil is utilized in storm water basins. This soil mix is comprised of course sand, shredded bark, and screened loam. The course media has less than 5% passing through the number 200 sieve.

Stabilization Soil Mix

Stabilization Soil Mix is a blend of course shredded bark, 2” minus natural round stone, coarse sand, screened loam and screened leaf and lawn compost. This blend is perfect for slope stabilization, walking/bike trail maintenance (provides root cover), and wetland soil restoration.

Custom Planting Bed Mix

This planting bed mix is specially blended using screened leaf and lawn compost, screened loam, and coarse sand. This blend is utilized is planting beds to provide plants with a balanced nutrient rich media that provides proper drainage to the bed.

Specialty Low Permeable Soil

This soil blend is perfect for creating a barrier layer within the soil profile. This soil is a blend of clay, silt, and sandy loam that compacts easily to provide a low permeable layer that inhibits drainage and redirects water to an adjacent area of the landscape.

Sand Base Structural Soil

Sand Base Structural Soil (SBSS) is utilized in the sub-layers of a landscape planting bed where trees are planted in an urban area. This specific blend of course sand, screened loam, screened leaf and lawn compost are able to compact tightly allowing trees roots to grow, but also inhibiting them from heaving up walkways near the tree bed.

Horticultural Sub Soil

Horticultural Sub soil is a blend of screened loam, coarse sand, and leaf compost. It is designed to provide a consistent sublayer for higher organic planting soils. The function of this soil is to be well drained and structurally stable while allowing easy access to plant roots.

High Use Turf Soil

This soil blend is a mixture of course sand, screened loam, and screened leaf and lawn compost. This soil is utilized under high traffic turf established areas to provide strength, drainage, and nutrients to the area growing a lush green lawn/landscape. We would love to see any job specifications you may be reviewing. While there may be a soil blend you are working on that is not mentioned above, please contact us and we can work with you to provide you with your product and consulting needs.

Soil Testing and Consulting

The Dirt Doctors offers on-site soil testing and consulting for any problem areas you may occur across the landscape you are working with.

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