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We produce and offer screened loam. This soil is great for lawns & plants due to its high nutritional content. Our on-site soil scientist is constantly monitoring the organic content and adjusting our blends to optimize the nutrient value and PH. Loam delivery is available throughout New England. Contact us today for loam or sand delivery details!

Compliment your new loam with bark mulch, bulk stone, or even gravel.

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Sifted Loam

Sifted loam is our best selling soil. It is an organic loam (Not tainted with any chemicals or toxic soils), sifted to 3/8” minus. This loam is perfect for putting in a new lawn, as enrichment for your existing soil.


Sandy Fill

This product is great for leveling off areas before topsoil or for filling low spots.


Ultimate Plant Bed

This mix is rich in nutrition and a blend of 65% sifted loam, 35% organic compost and peat moss to cut down on acidity. We frequently send our soil to UNH for testing to ensure highest quality.


Plant Bed

This product is a wonderful choice for flower gardens. The Plant Bed mix contains 80% of our 1/2″ sifted loam, and 20% of our organic compost.


Septic Sand

Septic Sand is a washed, screened sand that meets EDA requirements for septic systems.


Mortar Sand

Mortar Sand is used when mixing mortar for masonry applications.


Screened / Concrete Sand

This product is screened to a 1/4″ top size. Commonly used for clean fill under concrete slabs and ideal for patios and walkways.


Ball Field Mix

Ball Field Mix is most commonly used in athletic fields, horse shoe pits, horse stalls and arenas.


Play Sand

Play Sand is perfect for sand boxes, play areas and volley ball courts.


Bio Retention Mix

An engineered soil used to promote indigenous plant growth in wetland areas, settling ponds, stream beds and embankments. We can tailor the blend to meet most any specifications.


Organic Compost

Help your garden without the harsh chemicals. Our Compost is an all natural fertilizer, screened to ½”, helps retain water, and excellent for all your soil nutrient needs.

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