Hardpack & Gravel Supplier for New England

Gravel is one of the most popular options for driveways in New England, for a variety of reasons. It is one of the most affordable options for your home, easy to maintain, and allows for quick installation. There are many different types and styles of gravel, making it a great option for any type of home and landscape. We offer delivery service of all materials we sell throughout New England. Our 40+ acre facility can satisfy all your gravel and hardpack needs. Contact us today for more information regarding delivery details!

Compliment your new gravel with bark mulchbulk stone, or even loam.

Wide Variety of Hardpack & Gravel For Delivery

Rip Rap Gravel 3″-6″

This product is great for swales, ditches and run-offs, where erosion tends to take place.

Hard Pack 3/4″

Hard pack can be used for touch ups and new driveways or parking areas. Also, used as a base for patios and walkways. Packs like concrete.

Blue Stone Hard Pack 3/4″

Sky blue blend of stone & stone dust, great for walkways and driveways.

Stone Dust

Stone dust is ideal for use on patios and walkways.

What Are The Benefits Of Gravel?

• Affordable, especially for long driveways
• Easy to maintain, may require filling in sunken areas and top-dressing every few years
• Environmentally-friendly, allows water to seep through
• Quick installation
• Many sizes and colors to choose from

How To Install Your Own Gravel Driveway

Unlike concrete or brick, gravel can be installed relatively easily into a driveway without professional help. There are a few simple steps involved in getting a beautiful, easy to maintain gravel driveway.

1. Prepare the area

Begin by marking the area where you will put the gravel. Use landscape stakes and twine to mark exactly where your driveway will run, and then clear that area of any grass or topsoil. Also be sure to even out the dirt where the gravel will go, and install a weed barrier, if desired.

2. Measure the area

Next, to determine how much hardpack gravel you will need, measure the length and width of the area, then multiple that area by the desired depth of the gravel to get the number of cubic feet you’ll need. You can divide this number by 27 to get cubic yards.

3. Order your gravel delivery

The next step is to order the gravel you’ll need. Talk to the supplier about getting it delivered in two or three separate rounds, so that you can properly layer them. Some gravel delivery trucks can also help you spread these layers, so ask about options for installing in addition to delivery.

4. Layer and spread

The best way to install gravel is in three layers. The first layer (about six inches of stone), when spread evenly, should be packed down tightly with a bulldozer or car. You want the foundation to be as strong as possible. Then, the next two layers (about three inches of stone, and a third layer of one or two inches) can be spread over the foundation. When spreading, try to make the gravel highest in the middle of the driveway, to encourage rainwater to run off.

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