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As premium crushed and decorative stone suppliers, quality comes first. We offer competitive prices on premium bulk stone. We’ll deliver your stone throughout New England. Our 40+ acre facility can satisfy all your decorative or crushed stone needs. Contact us today for delivery details!

Stone can bring a natural balance to your home’s landscape, both visually, and environmentally. There are also benefits that come with using stone, such as, erosion control, weed suppression, and water conservation.

Note: Stone Sizes May Vary + / –

Compliment your crushed stone with gravel, bark mulch, or even loam for sale.

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White Stone

White decorative stone used in walkways, edgings, and perennial gardens.


River Stone 3″-6″

Naturally round, earthstone color, large stone. Great for edgings and ponds.


Round Stone 3/4″ or 1½”

Rich caramel color & naturally round. Great for driveways, walkways, and pool areas. Foot Friendly!


Red Slate 3/4″

A rich red colored slate. Great alternative to mulching year after year.


Pea Stone 3/8″

Rich caramel color & naturally round. Great for kennels, paths, walkways or foundation borders. Foot Friendly.


Granite 3/4″ or 1½”

This granite is great for drainage or drip edge along foundations.


Fractured Granite 3/8″

Gray in color, processed stone, great for kennels, paths, and walkways.


Tiger Rock 3/4″ or 1½”

A mottled black & gray decorative 3/4″ or 1½” fractured stone great for drip edge areas or a beautiful alternative to mulch


White Mountain Stone 1½”-3″

Smooth natural river stone found in the waterways of the white mountains. Stone consists of a variety of natural colors as seen in the rivers of Kancamagus highway!


Bluestone 3/4″

A beautiful sky blue color. Great alternative to mulching year after year.

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