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The Dirt Doctors is located in Pembroke, NH. Our 40-acre facility is at full capacity to satisfy all of your mulching needs. We produce and offer a wide variety of mulches and have a knowledgeable, professional support team that can assist you in making decisions about your home. Bark mulch delivery is available throughout New England. Contact us for bark mulch delivery details!

Compliment your new mulch with gravel, bulk stone, or even loam.

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Hemlock Bark Mulch

Hemlock is our most popular mulch product. A beautiful contrast with its rich brick red color.


Pine Bark Mulch

Pine Mulch is naturally aged & darkened. A natural brown/black color at an affordable price.


Chocolate Brown Mulch

Rich Brown with burgundy hues, double ground, color-enhanced long lasting mulch.


Cocoa Bark Mulch

Deep dark brown, triple ground mulch blend, color-enhanced.


Black Forest Mulch

Beautiful color enhanced Black Forest has a rich dark black tone and is long lasting. It is also great for planting beds.



Organic, rough processed wood chip, great for slope coverage.


Cardinal Red Mulch

Long lasting, color enhanced mulch. A perfect accent to your walkways, flower beds and landscapes.


Premium Blend Mulch

Mulch is made of a spruce, fir & hemlock blend. This blend is aromatic and long lasting.


Playground Bark Mulch

Playground mix is made with all natural blonde soft wood fibers which has been double ground. This mulch is safe for use on playground areas. ASTM 1292-09 Certified


Aged Spruce/Helmock Blend

100% bark aged to a deep rich brown natural color. Delightfully aromatic, double ground and free of added color. Very popular with gardeners and many home owners!


Composted Bark Mulch

A 100% organic, finely ground mulch. This mulch has been screened to ½” minus and boasts a natural brown color. Great for delicate plantings or large landscape beds!

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