Misc Hardscape Supplies

The Dirt Doctors offers the necessary tools needed to complete your hardscape projects. Located in Pembroke, NH, our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all your hardscape supplies and needs. If there is anything we should supply that we don’t already, please let us know!

Wide Variety of Misc Supplies For Delivery

ISOTUNES PRO 2.0 Headphones

OSHA CERTIFIED ear protection with Bluetooth capability for listening to music and taking phone calls. Best-in-class battery life, sound quality, connectivity, and durability.

Beast, Pro-Line, & Dimex Edging

Paver restraints secures paver bricks for all kinds of projects, such as for patios and walkways. These restraints provide an easy means to producing professional-grade results.

Geotextile Fabric

Geotextile fabric is great for your long-term, permanent use projects. These fabrics provide road stabilization, can control erosion, and separate aggregates.

Polymer Sand

A granular material, polymer sand is used between the joints or seams in brick pavers or stone in patios, walkways and driveways to interlock and increase the durability of such products.

Gator Stone Dust

Similar to sand, but coarser, stone dust is an alternative product for the application and installation of pavers and walls.

MK Diamond Blades

Doing a hardscape job and need to do some cutting to give you the perfect shape on your material? MK Diamond Blades have some serious cutting abilities whether its concrete, pavers, natural stone, clay brick, cured concrete, concrete with steel, green concrete and asphalt.

Additional Tools

No matter what your hardscape needs are we supply additional common tools to be your one stop shop for all your hardscaping. Dirt Doctors aims to be the most convenient resource to help you be most successful with your hardscape jobs.

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