Granite Steps, Posts, & Benches for New England

Nothing inspires a sense of quality and esteem quite like granite. Durable and aesthetically appealing, this stone is a regular fixture both in and out of the home. However, many homeowners hold off because they think it is too expensive. The good news is The Dirt Doctors has affordable granite slabs which can be shipped all across New England and a 40+ acre facility to satisfy all your needs. At prices made for the average homeowner’s budget, for a product made to stand up to years of New England weather, it is an investment worth making.

Compliment your granite with natural stonebluestone, or a pavers.

Wide Variety of Granite Steps For Delivery

Granite Benches

Our benches make wonderful accents to any yard, are wonderful gifts, or a thoughtful memorial customized with our engraving services. Available in several colors and styles, including; serpentine, circle, kidney and standard.

Granite Lightpost Caps

Accent your home with a beautiful light post. Our posts are blank to save costs for you, so you can customize it with any lighting fixture you desire. Add an outlet box for the extra convenience of electricity outdoors.

Granite Mailbox Posts

Our granite mailbox posts are customizable; stone color, finish and accessories. Finishes include; contemporary smooth thermal finish, a lightly textured pineapple, or a rustic rock face. Additionally, we have a large selection of mailbox brackets to choose from. Don’t forget engraving as an elegant option to identify your home.

Pillar Caps

Do you have a brick or stone pillar that looks unfinished? Our granite pillar caps come in various sizes and can add that extra bit of finish to not only decorative pillars and porch supports, but also our line of mailbox and light posts.

Granite Steps

Increase your curb appeal by installing some beautiful granite steps. Long lasting and durable, our steps are available in multiple colors and finishes and can be customized for your special project. We also carry granite treads.

Granite Cobbles

Here at Dirt Doctors we offer a wide variety of granite cobbles ready for your immediate pickup or delivery throughout New England. The sizes of granite cobbles we supply include Cubes 4x4x4”, Landscape 4x4x8”, Regulation 9x5x4” and Jumbo 10x7x4”.

Supplying Granite to New England

Adding the perfect touch to your yard often means a well-chosen piece of granite placed just right. This could mean a sturdy stone lamp post, smartly-placed patch of paving, or other accents which ties the whole area together. Because of the unique look and feel of this versatile stone, it works for almost any application you can dream up. The possibilities are endless, and our team is able to work with you to make it just the way you want.

If you are living in New England and looking to make a statement in your outdoor areas, Dirt Doctors professional team will make sure to answer any and all questions you have, and address concerns competently and confidently. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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