709 Keith Ave
Pembroke, NH
(603) 229-3200
Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Site Work & Landscape Design

The Dirt Doctors and their earth moving equipment can handle almost any kind of excavation project. With the severe New England winters, erosion is always a problem, the Dirt Doctors can bring your yard to its former glory with soil replacement and correct severe slopes.

Lawn Installation

The Dirt Doctors of New Hampshire offers new and replacement lawns, also hydroseed and sod lawns.

Wood Grinding & Soil Screening

Wood Grinding Services: Production capabilities of up to 3,000 yards per day. MULCH, STUMPS, LOGS & BRUSH

Soil Screening Services:
High production capabilities of up to 900-1200 yards per day in COMPOST & SOIL SCREENING
*Specializing in Filter Medium for ponds and custom soil blends

Recycle Your Clean Yard Waste

Did you know that you can recycle your CLEAN yard waste at our Pembroke facility!? We accept absolutely no trash, concrete, asphalt, or other contaminates! Materials we do accept must be brought in separated, here are some examples….

Brush - anything that makes a wood chip (branches)
Stumps - (with associated fee)
Compostable Materials - leaves, grass clippings, mulches, flowers, trimmings, anything that will not produce a wood chip and decompose naturally.
Logs - softwood and hardwood, NO TIMBERS.

Most people respect this free service we provide for the community, however no matter how hard we police this operation people still dump contaminates. Please respect what we do and comply with our staff when we check your materials. If contaminants are found you are no longer allowed to dump.

Thank you!
The Dirt Doctors