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Proper Firewood Handling

-Stack your wood in separate rows in an open location where the sun can warm it and the breeze can carry away the moisture.
-DO NOT allow firewood to lay on the ground for more than a few days without stacking it, MOLD and ROT can set in quickly.
-Stack your firewood up off the ground on poles, lumber rail or pallets. Keep some space between rows so air can move freely.
-The top of the pile can be covered to keep rain off but DO NOT cover the sides.
-In the winter keep a 3' area around your rows clear, of snow and ice, this will help on warm days when snow can melt and dampen your pile.
-Bring in a weeks worth of firewood at a time, this allows for further seasoning and easier start-up time.

Road Salt, Winter Sand & Calcium

With the uncertain New England winter weather, you never know what to expect when it comes to snow, ice and any other extreme weather we may get. The Dirt Doctors offers sand and salt for the New England winter season with 24/7 on call services. We also offer calcium by the bag for your brick patios and walkways.
NEW THIS YEAR! 24/7 on-call snow emergency team! Call us for your entire last minute snow emergencies, whether it's plowing, sand/salt spreading or delivery of sand /salt!